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Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can cancel your order if it is in waiting to be shipped status. Please note that orders in shipped status cannot be canceled. Kindly reject delivery once you are contacted by our delivery agent. For orders on the delivered status, you can create a return request from your account.

Missing an item in my order

If there is any item missing, damaged or not working from your order, we will do everything we can to help correcting the mistake. You can call us on +254105521859 or send an email to

When can I expect my refund?
In the unlikely event of an order being cancelled due to our inability to supply the ordered items, your order will be refunded in full, immediately.
If an item was returned within 5 days of our delivery and a replacement is not wanted, you will be refunded immediately upon the manufacturer’s (or its agent’s) acknowledgment of receipt of the item.
If an item was returned after 5 days of our delivery, we must follow the manufacturer’s warranty policy. Usually, your item will be returned to the manufacturer (or their agent) for assessment. Should the item be found to malfunction, they will provide a replacement. Should a replacement not be available, they will provide us with a credit note. Once we receive the credit note, you will be refunded immediately.
Note that refunding via credit cards can take up to 14 days, due to banking and/or payment gateway processes, out of our control. Therefore, we prefer refunding customer via EFT to speed up the process for the funds to reflect in your account
We require a digitally stamped letter from your bank to confirm that we are refunding you and not somebody else. A bank account confirmation letter is easily obtainable by simply downloading it from your online banking app and forwarded on to us at
Please see our returns and refund policy page for more information.
Will you refund shipping fees on returned orders?

Unfortunately, Eenovators Shop will not refund delivery charges. However, should a product be delivered incorrectly, we will collect and deliver the correct item ordered at no additional charges to you.


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